Celebrating Life with Water

Today as I was deleting my unwanted e-mails, the WATER.ORG

e-letter popped up.  I like to read the stories and at times

give a small donation to help others with their water problems.

I noticed the date of the 11th. and decided it was a good day

to celebrate Tara’s mother Carol’s Life, with a donation.  She

keeps on going and I want her to know she is thought of often. 

S’mores for the girls

I was in the checkout at the store today and overheard two young girls (who, still wearing their helmets, had ridden their bikes to the store) discussing how many chocolate bars they could get (to go with the marshmallows and graham crackers they had in hand) with the money they had. They were cute to watch, but it ended up they had to return one of the chocolate bars. I was in a different checkout, so I couldn’t jump in. But I felt they should have TWO chocolate bars, not one. I saw them outside unlocking their bikes and stowing their goods.I approached them and offered a dollar bill to go with their change so they could get another bar. I told them that I knew they probably should not take things from strangers, but that I LOVED s’mores and that they needed more chocolate.They were delighted, and they took my dollar bill.

Tell Their Boss

I don’t really like clothes shopping but needed an outfit for a special occasion. The sales associate was so helpful that I not only found a great outfit but actually had a pleasant experience. The next day I called the store manager and told her how terrific I thought the associate was. She encouraged me to take an online customer satisfaction survey to highlight the associate so I did that too.

finding a home for stuff

I was able to find a home for some items my company was 

going to discard. The Medical Day Center was very happy 

and this lowered the discard cost for the company. 


Made dinner for a neighbor who just had a hip replacement

Book Fair

I volunteered at my sons’ PTO book fair. Twice, children came to the register without quite enough money. I covered the balance myself and enjoyed their smiles when I told them they could have the books. I told them both to “pay it forward.”

Helped a friend set up her new store.

Walked the Dog

Today was a yucky rainy day, so I walked my friend’s dog while she was working. This way, when she gets home, she will not have to go out for as long in the rain with her pooch after her busy day.

A Lift

The sister of a friend of mine is having some life challenges so I sent her an inspirational book to lift her spirit.

Clothing Donation

I brought 2 huge bags of clothes to the local thrift shop. Proceed from the shop support the local homeless shelter.