I bought a woman who has been looking out for me since I first got to college one of the hair products I know she loves.

Broke College student

I was given $10 by my teacher to do something for someone else.  I was really excited when she told me about the assignment.  However, I forgot about it as my day continued on.  A few days later as I was walking with my friend and another one.  He started talking about how he had no money to his name and really needed some in a joking tone.  I knew he did though and that he would be too proud to take it.  Later that day, I put the $10 under his door.  He mentioned to me the next day how he found this random ten dollars in his room and it was not his roommates.  He thought it was awesome.  I know it was not anything special but it was to him and that is all that matters.

act of generosity

I bought bags of candy and put a couple pieces of candy at each of the cubicles in the library with a post it saying ” good luck studying!”

Today I paid for the food of the person behind me in line and gave $5 to the cashier. One of the ladies had recently been robbed of her rent money, so she was shocked and appreciative of the small gesture. It was nice to see how a small act of kindness could make someone’s day!

It’s the little things in life.

I was at Starbucks this afternoon and the line was crazy and people were ordering crazy drink orders. 7 people in front of me and no one thanked the barista. I made sure to thank her! She smiled and looked a little happier.

Making Someone Smile

This week I was waiting in line at Holmes Lounge when two women in front of me started to panic. One of them did not have anyway to pay for her coffee seeing as she did not have a campus card. Seeing this I stepped up and offered to pay for her drink. She immediately offered to pay me back but I insisted that she not, seeing the vast amount of meal points and her lack of cash. She thanked me but it made me happy to help her and make her day. 


After class last week my roommate, and good friend was exhausted after an extremely stressful few weeks of exams, essays and labs. She was already looking forward to the weekend but I wanted to give her a kick start and motivate her to make it through the next few days! On the way back to my dorm I bought my roommate a small gift (a tank top) and gave it to her when we returned to our room. It was an extremely small gesture and she insisted on paying me back but I wanted to show her that I was proud of her for surviving another week of class! Although this act was very insignificant in the grand scheme of things I think it is important to reward those around you when they accomplish great things. This does not necessarily mean that you will be rewarded as well, but doing a nice thing for someone shows them how much they are appreciated and can encourage them to show their appreciation for others as well.

With $10 that I was given, I printed one of my photographs and sent it (along with a card) to my grandmother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The photograph was sent as a way to provide a sense of comfort and family during such a difficult time. 

A Room for a Fresh Start

A young gal made the brave move to (finally!) leave her boyfriend. She stayed with us for a few weeks while he regrouped and found a place of his own to live. Now, our friend is back in her apartment, getting a fresh start on her own. :-)

House Showing

My friends moved to another state last year and their house here in town came vacant unexpectedly last month. I did a walk through with the new tenants, checking on the condition and documenting any damages from the previous tenants.