Christmas time is a coming

Started buying some items for Toy drives at my work

and a local Elks Lodge. Found baby dolls that the eyes

open and close and some puzzles.

A 55 year old Act of Kindness

Some of the girls from the K-8 grammar school I attended met for lunch for an informal class of ‘63 reunion. I could not attend but my dear friend J went and sat next to B who told J that she always remembered how when B was the “new kid in school” in 6th grade J and me made her feel so welcomed, and helped B’s move to a new town so much easier. 55 years later kindness is remembered.

Thinking of You

A friend is going through financial issues due to identity theft. I sent her a card to let her know I was thinking of her. I thought it was a small gesture but she called to tell me it meant a lot to her.


My neighbors husband passed away. When asked what we could do for her she asked if she could take a walk with her dog and ours and just talk to not feel so alone. We have been including them in walks a couple times a week. She said it’s meant a lot to her


I became aware that 2 guests at our motel were celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary so I put a bouquet of flowers in their room.

Hearts and Courage

In honor of Tara’s birthday, I made a donation to Hearts and Courage, the Tara Troy Gambardella Foundation.

Thank You For Serving

I made a donation to the disabled vets at their table outside the supermarket.

Reporting a Fraudulant Offer

The other day I received a postcard in the mail for a free $50 Chilis/Applebee’s giftcard. I recognized the sketchiness of the promotion immediately, but I decided to call the number on the back of the postcard anyway to see what the scammers had to say. They told me that they had to come into my home to test the quality of my water supply. After their test was over, then they’d give me a free giftcard. I replied on the phone to them, “You know what? I have an even better idea. How about you meet me on the deck outside my house and you can test the quality of my home’s water from my garden hose. This way I don’t have to let complete strangers from the phone into my home.” The lady hung up on me in response.

The next day I called my local police department informing them of this scam. I told them that I didn’t want the scam happening to anyone’s unsuspecting grandparent. Hopefully the cops end up busting these losers.

Gregg Love

Checking In

I tried to be extra aware of what those I know might need today. I called a friend who was worried about an upcoming doctor’s appointment, checked in with someone getting ready to move, and emailed someone I knew was having a hard day to let them know I was thinking of them. 

The Caboose

I have been hiking with a group this summer and the outings are organized and enjoyable and I have met lots of people. One thing I have noticed, though, is the group does not appear to wait for slow hikers. Twice in the last week and once a few weeks back, I have hung back and hiked with the slow hiker so that this person is not hiking alone.