I was leaving a parking spot and put extra change in the meter for the next parker.

Family Affair

This Easter my family baked 18 cakes for a local church

organization that gives out Food Baskets. The funds do not

cover desserts so this is a nice addition to the meals.

 I believe there were a total of 170 cakes baked.  

kept neighbors dog

my neighbor had a shoulder replacement so we kept her dog overnight for several nights while she was in the hospital

Teacher’s New Job

Today I baked cookies and bought a Congratulations card for my teacher who recently told us she has found a full time job at another college. I had everyone in the class sign it and she was so surprised and happy to have received it!

I bought my friends dinner at a benefit night at Crushed Red, a restaurant in St. Louis. 

Act of kindness

I spent $10 buying my friend her favorite smoothie and dessert, and I wrote her a card and gave it all to her because she was having a rough day and just broken up with by her boyfriend. She was so happy and touched!

Snacks for the Roommate

Last semester I impaled myself on a fence and my roommate helped me get around for a two week period. During that time, he got me food, helped me changed my dressing, and even helped me get into bed. I thought that the best way to repay him was with food. I got him some snacks and left them on his desk with a note. He’s a really good guy and I wanted to thank him for not only helping me when I was injured, but also being there to talk to when I needed it.

Good Act

I baked and wrote a thank you letter to my research professor for allowing me to work in his lab during this semester and over the summer.

A large group of my friends and I had planned for several weeks to go play laser tag. At the last moment, one of my friends told me that she wouldn’t be able to come. When asked why, she avoided the question until she finally admitted to me that she just didn’t have the funds to spend on laser tag. That day in class, one of my professors had given each student $10 to perform a random act of kindness. The cost of laser tag was $10. It was strange how coincidentally everything was fitting together. I paid for my friend to be able to go with us to laser tag, and she absolutely loved it. We all agreed that it was one of the best laser tag nights we had ever experienced.

Lots of students have tests this week, and many have been stressfully studying for hours on end.  So, I bought a box of pop tarts, bag of chips, and a bag of Cracker Jack and put it in front of a stranger’s door with a note wishing them well on their tests.